Photos of a Muse

Paris by Cell Phone: The Week That Was (17/10 – 23/10/2010)

This is a collection of the pictures I’ve posted this week on my Twitter page (feel free to follow!) for Paris by Cell Phone.

Oct 17: Holy Sunday


Oct 18: Monument Monday

Montparnasse Tower

Oct 19: Typical Tuesday


Oct 20: Where is It Wednesday

Scandal at Paris Inspired Photos this week! i gave Lindsey the coveted Chupa Chups badge for her answer “Palais Royal” because the Louvre was, in fact, a Royal Palace. Obviously, this is a Royal Palace and not the Palais Royal, which is down the street. While I knew what Lindsey meant, I’ll be a little stricter concerning answers in the future; so be warned!

Oct 21: Pot Luck Thursday


Oct 22: Freaky Friday

Don’t Drink the Water

Oct 23: Special Saturday

Defacto La Gallery, Anticipation d’une ville exposition

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