Photos of a Muse

Paris by Cell Phone: The Week That Was (24/10 – 30/10/2010)

This is a collection of the pictures I’ve posted this week on my Twitter page (feel free to follow!) for Paris by Cell Phone.

As this week was kinda hectic at work, you’ll notice there were a couple days that didn’t make it.

Oct 24: Holy Sunday

Saint-Honoré d’Eylau

Oct 25: Monument Monday

Défenseur du temps

Oct 26: Typical Tuesday


Oct 27: Where is It Wednesday

L’Eglise Reformée de l’Oratoire… Congratulations to BJ, Genie and Sab who all received coveted badges! A special mention to Genie and Sab who have bow accessed the sought after second level of awards: Images! [Note: ‘Images’ because this is the way primary school teachers motivate their pupils in France.] Here’s a taste.

Oct 30: Special Saturday

Tricia Evy at the Theatre du Chatelet

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