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Death Expo Photo Blog

In honor of my most recent article‘s being posted at Bonjour Paris, I’ve assembled some of my photos of the Salon de la Mort / Death Expo which went (way) down last April 7. Thanks to Paris Karin who took the first photo and posed for the other!

At Death's Door

Biodegradable Cardboard Coffin (and I'm not even kidding)

Addams Family Doll House

Paris Karin has Mourning Sickness

Full House (of Ghosts)

But of course we all know the real I go to these things is for all the goodies. Here is a selection of all the swag I walked away with from the Death Expo.

For When Your Time Has Come

For When Death Comes Calling



The Grand Rex

Paris Karin and I went with my kids for a behind the scenes tour of the Grand Rex for an article I’m going to write. The tour was like a small scale version of the Universal Studios Tour, but we showed up not knowing to expect and so we had a really fun time. Here are some of the shots I got away with.

© 2010 Paris Paul Prescott. Please ask for permission before using.

Tour Saint-Jacques at Sunset

Paris Karin and I got stood up at a concert last night (tickets that were to have been reserved weren’t) but, on the bright side, we had a nice ride in the metro wearing our most elegant evening wear and I came away with these shots. (Click on photos for large size.)

Paris by Cell Phone: The Week That Was (09/19 – 09/25/2010)

This is a collection of the pictures I’ve posted this week on my Twitter page (feel free to follow!) for Paris by Cell Phone.

Sept 19: Holy Sunday

Église Saint-Eustache

Sept 20: Monument Monday

Palais de Justice

Sept 21: Typical Tuesday

Mounted Police

Sept 22: Where is It Wednesday

Congrats to Genie for winning her first coveted Chupa Chups badge! It’s the Chat Noir café in Paris 18th.

Sept 23: Pot Luck Thursday

Sauté de Boeuf aux Olives

Sept 24: Freaky Friday

Paris Karin wondered what this was supposed to mean. No families allowed? Go ahead and leave any guesses in the comments section.

Sept 25: Special Saturday

To be posted later!

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Eat Pray Love Julia Roberts

Yesterday (2010-09-19) Paris Karin and I went to the avant-premiere of Eat Pray Love (or Mange Prie Aime) as it’s known here. While this isn’t really my genre of movie (not enough blood, violence or nudity), we did get a kick out of seeing Julia Roberts who was there at the UGC Normandie on the Champs-Elysées to present the film. Here are a couple memories I came away with.

Paris Karin and I had seat in the front row, on the right side, next to the stairs Julia had to mount to access the stage. While this picture of her leaving obviously didn’t come out as I’d planned, I like the overall effect.

The Naughty Bits Exposed

An American Mom mentioned she and hers bumped into me and mine (meaning “she and her baby saw me and Paris Karin“) at the Pompidou on the first Sunday of the month. I won’t even try to describe the graphic arts on display there, especially because American Mom did it much better and funnier than I ever could. Still, if you read the comments on her blog, you’ll see she didn’t spend as much time photographing shots of the naughty parts, so there’s a niche I can fill.

What’s more, I can use this post to keep my promise to Keith over at A Taste of Garlic. To thank him for his generous review of my sites, I told him I’d post a little more of the naughty than I did in my spread of the Erotic Museum. Thanks again, Keith!

WARNING! The following photos, while respected works of art by respected artists in a respected museum, contain images some may find offensive. Please no not click on “More” if you are over sensitive or under 18!


Sacré Coeur Basilica

Paris Karin and I went to the Pompidou center on Sunday (2010-09-05), despite my deep seated loathing of modern art. It turned out not to be as bad as I’d feared, but what impressed me more than the burnt cellophane wall hanging were the views from on high. Case in point…

© 2010 Paris Paul Prescott. Please ask for permission before reusing.

Le Génie de la Liberté

Snapped this shot a few days ago when Paris Karin and I were hunting down the remnants of the Bastille for an article I’m writing. If the pic is too big, click on it to open it in another window.

Photo of “Le Génie de la Liberté” by Auguste Dumont atop the column de Juillet, Place de la Bastille, Paris, France. © 2010 Paris Paul Prescott. Please ask for permission before using.

Musée d’Orsay Sunset

Last night (2010-08-19), Paris Karin and I took advantage of the late night hours at the Musée d’Orsay and I came away with this pic. The sun setting through the windows of the Musée d’Orsay.

A couple notes.

Though it’s not very well communicated, prices dip from 8€ to 5,50€ after 6pm on Thursday evenings when the museum is open until 9:45pm.

Also, because so many abusive tourists kept taking flash photos, the Musée d’Orsay changed its policy from “No Flash Photography” to “NO Photography” period. You’ll see tons of signs indicating this, but no one said anything as I went around taking pictures, without a flash, bien sûr.

Eiffel Tower / Pont Alexandre III

Paris Karin and I went for a photo walk yesterday (2010-08-18) and I came away with this shot.